2016 in review

Apparently in 2016 I was mostly hiking or cycling.

I want to take a moment to look back on 2016, and the things I’ve achieved and done that made me feel alive/stuff I want to do more of. It’s turned into a longer list than I expected, which can only be good! In rough chronological order:

  • My first crit race (in a fierce winter storm in February)
  • Thor’s cave walk
  • Women’s race training day in London with Condor ladies
  • Snowball fight in Copenhagen

    Ten points to get the top of the mast
  • Snowball fight in Ireland
  • Helping make Broken Spoke’s day of Women and Bikes happen (and going on the radio!)
  • Hiking in the Brecon Beacons (twice)

    Remember: close all jacket vents before going walking in waterfalls
  • Mountain Skills training in Snowdonia
  • Cycling around Bonn
  • Walking the Yorkshire 3 Peaks
  • Getting the sleeper train to Zagreb, and exploring the Croatian coast

    This trip involved a lot of ice cream
  • Time trial at the Tour of Cambridge chrono, and cheeky closed road mini fondo to the pub
  • Racing in the 9-up Team Time Trial at Silverstone
  • Racing around the streets of Bristol in the Grand Prix
  • Racing in a fast and furious crit (until I crashed) at Wallingford
  • DNF-ing at the Cricklade Kermesse (this now makes more sense as this was back to back weekends with the previous 4 races… a lesson for 2017)
  • Kayaking around Oxford
  • Hiking in the Lake District (twice)
  • Being a ‘Dr Bike’ mechanic for Ride London
  • Assistant mechanic to Broken Spoke’s 101 Bike Mechanics courses
  • Being terrified at track cycling then realising it’s really fun
  • Taking a beginner’s indoor rock climbing course
  • Stand up paddleboarding and not falling in
  • Scrambling weekend in Snowdonia
  • Solo hiking the length of Switzerland along the Alpine Pass Route
This trip involved a lot of nutella
  • Meeting great people at the Women’s Adventure Expo
  • Walking and kayaking in Majorca
  • Exploring Marrakech
  • Teaching at Broken Spoke’s monthly Beryl’s Nights
  • Avoiding face planting a tree in my first cyclocross race
My cyclocross skills did not involve bunny hopping

Almost of all these involved being outdoors in some manner. And many of them involved getting rather wet/muddy. Although down-time, rest, recovery etc is necessary, it never makes the highlight list. I can Netflix binge like a pro, but it’s not time I’ll reflect on fondly. So, along with various other goals, my aim for 2017 will be to have at a microadventure (or more!) a month. And as this article points out, we get 116 days off work each year from weekends and public holidays. Can’t be too hard, right?

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